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Automatic charges = questionable business practice

Hi I was checking my bank accounts today and found a charge from mcafee for just under $100. This was surprising since I dont own any computers with your product installed and haven't used your products in YEARS.

After seeing that this is something that has happened to a lot of people reporting it on this forum I recommend you review this practice.

It turns out mcafee has charged me for a renewal of a product on a computer my wife used to use years ago. I believe that her pc stopped working sometime in 2011.

I was told that it was my fault because I didn't update her email address to get the notifcation I was going to be charged for a product I don't use. The email on record was a university system that hasn't operated since 2010 so mcafee would have received a non delivery message.

I was also told I will have to wait for 5 working days to get my money back for a transaction that I didn't authorise.

Furthermore I was also told that I "must have" selected non interruption of services option so I would automatically get charged.

This must have been really fine print somewhere because I don't remember agreeing to this and if it was an obvious option I would have selected NO.

So the result is that mcafee has my money for a product I don't use and I have to wait to get it back after spending at least 20mins trying to sort it out.

While the telephone service was good and I have been given assurances that I will be refunded the fact that this happened at all is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

The response is that I will simply NEVER use your products again, ever. Nor will my family.

I will now go to to lodge my complaint because I think this is simply dodgy

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Re: Automatic charges = questionable business practice

The auto deduction is there in the terms of service (see link) item 14 of the EULA. McAfee not the only AV software that does that I think they want their users to always be safe and a few may forget to pay if the non deduction path was used.

I myself would prefer it up front as a question. You made a good point if the email bounces maybe they could have looked further but where as the only other contact was the credit card I assume. Maybe it should be necessary to add the personal email field as a secondary email address I have that active so a tech can look it up if my main email address doa.

Of course this all null now it has happened and you will be refunded  sorry you think this was dodgy.

I will pass your worries up the line

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