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Automatic Scheduled Sccanning

I just installed Total Protection and it is supposed to scan my PC every Monday at 4:00AM. The directions said that the Computer must be plugged in. Does this mean that McAfee will turn on my PC at 4AM, do the scan and shut it off when it is finished? Or must I select a date and time when I know the PC will be up and running?

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Re: Automatic Scheduled Sccanning

Good afternoon James,

     You might want to take a look at the info provided via the link below which is to another post made several months ago here in the McAfee Forums & see if it provides some help.  There are quite a few responses to the initial poster's question, so just take a look at each response.  I feel sure one of our distinguished moderators and other community members will also weigh-in on your posting here..

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