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Auto-typing "master" and other strange things

My computer recently decided to do a few things that really has been annoying me / freaking me out.

First, whenever I open a new program, the computer will start left-clicking every few seconds.  Then it'll do a right-click and then finally it'll type the word, "master."

When it isn't doing that, it will do the occasional left-click thing or right-click thing.  Also, I have a Microsoft SideWinder Laser Gaming Mouse (wired) and when I use one of the side buttons to go back a page or forward a page, it won't respond until I click it at least another one or three times.

Finishing up a full scan right now.  The only thing the scan has found at the moment are 13 tracking cookies and all 13 have been fixed.

Does anyone have a clue as to what the heck is going on with my computer?



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Re: Auto-typing "master" and other strange things

You haven't said anything about what your system is, what OS, what extra hardware you've got attached (apart from the gaming mouse).

No idea what's going on here. Could be as simple as you haven't got the correct drivers for your mouse. The auto-typing thing looks like a form auto-fill, but has only been noted a couple of times with iPads.

Check that your hardware is Microsoft-compatible, check you have the correct drivers, and check for driver updates. Run Malwarebytes just to be sure there's nothing unwanted on your system.

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