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Auto-Renewal when purchasing from McAfee online through Digital River

I had McAfee included with my Dell laptop. The included subscription expired and fortunately the installation does not include auto-renewal so I was notified of the expiry and offered the opportunity to renew. To my surprise the renewal cost offered was more than the cost of me purchasing a new subscription directly.

I purchased a new subscription on-line on McAfee's website. This purchase is handled by Digital River. Digitial River has as part of its Ts & Cs on purchase that you are enrolled in the auto-renewal program. I read on this forum that you could turn off auto renewal so I went ahead. I object to being opted in to auto renewal by default but assumed once the purchase was complete I could just turn it off.  When I looked at my account there was no auto renewal subscription to turn off. 

I contacted McAffe support to confirm that there was no auto renewal on my account. I was told that as the purchase is through Digital River it is managed by them. The only way to turn it off is to contact McAfee support. Support have now confirmed they have turned off auto renewal. I still see nothing on my account auto renewal page.

I find this practice even more disturbing than the forced opt-in with on-line ability to opt out because it is easy to assume that when you do not see the auto renewal subscription on your account that you do not have one. You will then auto renew without realising you are opted in and likely at a higher price than buying a new subscription.

McAfee should make it clear on their auto renewal page that people with subscriptions purchased through Digital River must contact support to have it turned off. Saying nothing leads to the mistaken assumption that there is no auto renewal on the subscription as there is nothing listed.

Has anyone else experienced this and did the auto renewal actually stop ? I have no way of actually checking as I can not see the auto renewal subscription because McAfee does not list this on the auto renewal page.

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Re: Auto-Renewal when purchasing from McAfee online through Digital River

Sorry you were inconvenienced.   It may take a day or so for changes in the account to appear on that web page.

You might want to make a suggestion in the 'Product Ideas' section, under Category 7 I would think.

I agree that is one of several things that could be done to make life easier for customers.

Whilst I'm not familiar with how's sales work in your area, in mine they are direct with McAfee and the Auto-Renewal settings are right there (click to enlarge if necessary):


It's in the Terms that the auto-renewal will be on by default and of course few people read the Terms.  We Moderators have argued that this particular point should be made clearer or even off by default, in vain thus far.

Customer Service is a free phone call and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page - for any account problems or general enquiries.

Technical Support handle everything else and once again is a free phone call.   Or you can use Online Chat in both cases of course.

Or right-click your taskbar icon and select 'Get Help'.


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Re: Auto-Renewal when purchasing from McAfee online through Digital River

Thanks for the suggestion. I will log the product idea.

Just to clarify my issue. I am referring to the auto renewal settings page. My subscription does not show here. I bought on-line from McAfee themselves in the UK but McAfee uses Digital River to manage the subscription services. It is this fact that means that the auto renewal settings don't show on the renewal settings page. I bought a week ago so it is not just a delay while processing.

I realise that customer support can do this for me and they have. The issue is that you have to know you need to do this. The fact that you do not see an auto renewal subscription listed can lead to the assumption you don't have one to have to cancel. The first you will know about it will be when you get an unwanted and expensive auto renewal.

I know the forum that auto renewal is a complaint. This factor adds an additional wrinkle and makes it even more likely the customer will be renewed unknowlingly.

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Re: Auto-Renewal when purchasing from McAfee online through Digital River

Oh I see.  That does make things rather inconvenient, to say the least.   Soirry you had to go through that.

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