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Am I missing something? Can't control certain options....

I've been using mcafee "Total Protection" for more than a year now.

I'm not sure if I'm missing a setting or the program is just all "kiddie use" locked down.

For example:

webadvisor - no way to turn it off or allow for exceptions. I have to shut Mcafee right down if I want to do something the program doesn't want me to, whether it's a risk or not. Clicking on webadvisor settings just bring me to a web page that does nothing but look pretty with "un-clickable" buttons.

Exceptions- Will not allow me to add one (for anything, anywhere) no matter what I try.

Removals- the program just bloody well removes stuff whenever it "decides" something is a threat, whether it is or not. No option to add an exception.

Don't even get me started on the startup window popping up every time I turn on my computer. Yes, I know there is supposedly a "fix" coming int he next update, And I'm getting pretty "non-plus-ed" waiting for it. It's an irritation that should be fixed asap on a paid product.

So, am I missing some settings or is this the way Mcafee is supposed to work?

If it is the way it's supposed to work (IE, "Big Brother" like), it seems like a pretty good way to tick people off using the product.

I'm not trying to just gripe and b!t$h here. I'm trying to figure out if this is something I can make work for me and continue to pay for, or if something else might better suit my uses/needs.....

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Re: Am I missing something? Can't control certain options....

For Me this is actually a  separate program, which i uninstalled.  Just go to windows add/remove program and uninstall it.

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Re: Am I missing something? Can't control certain options....

In Webadvisor in Firefox and chrome click on the green /red shield top right of the browser and choose options. You can add web sites to exclude there. If this is teh srea you say is nor working maybe uninstall Webadvisor and redownload it from

In Mcafee real time scanning  (gear icon ) and settings for Real time scanning you can exclude a file

See if either those comment assist you