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Alert window not responding

I have McAfee internet internet security. I recently downloaded it from internet. The problem is that alert windows that appears on the right hand lower corner do not repsond when clicking buttons, whichever button I try to click. For example "Program wants Internet Access.........Allow always, Allow once, Block", in this case the "Allow always" button is highlighted by default but ckicking it on any other option makes no difference and window remains there inactive not responding. Can anyone help me solve this. I tried to reinstall software but same problem appears.

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Re: Alert window not responding

Hi ,

May I know what is the operating system of the compuer ?
Also , Is the computer up-to-date with windows ?
How old is the computer ?

Dinesh K

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Re: Alert window not responding

Thank you very much for your reply!!

My computer is a Toshiba portege M800-107 and is about 11 months old. Operating system is windows XP.

I believe it is updated since automatic updates is on and I also update manually from time to time. However, there are two updates that fail to be downloaded and installed, "Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 service pack 2 update for windows server 2003 and XP x86" and "Microsoft .NET framework 3.0 service pack 2 update for windows server 2003 and XP x86". I dont know if this has do anything, but these are software optional and not high priority updates.

The computer came with McAfee installed. Recently, for some reason I had another problem, I could not do a manual virus scan (could not see the scan page) so I decided to uninstall and install it again. But this time I downloaded the software (which is an updated version than the one I had before) from McAfee download center using my subscription. Apart from the problem I described before (alert window not responding) the program works fine and I can also carry out a manual virus scan.

Awaiting your reply, thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Alexandros Fyssas

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