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Adding items to the trusted list

Hello all and thanks in advance for the help

I have McAfee from Comcast which includes an entire set of app's that were installed on my PC.

My problem is I am trying to use a legit program and McAfee keeps quarantining it. I go to the quarantine list and restore the program only to have McAfee quarantine it again. It does not give me a chance to add it to my trusted list, just quarantines it. This is so ANNOYING.

Every time I want to use the program, I have to shut down McAfee, which leaves me vulnerable to other problems.

The program is RockXP.exe and their web site states all kinds of problems with false positives from antivirus programs, including yours.

So my question is: Is there anyway to manually add items to the trusted list?



BTW a little irony. When I signed up to use these boards the validation e-mail sent by McAfee ended up in my spam folder from Hotmail. How does it feel?

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Re: Adding items to the trusted list

Hi, Jim:

NOT NOT NOT a computer expert, so you should probably wait for the "pros" to weigh in... (so feel free to disregard this)

And I am not at all familiar with rockxp.exe.

And I've only had 1 major false positive in > 1 year with McAfee, so I'm hardly the best person to ask.

And you might want to subtitle your post as "false positive - rockxp.exe" -- just a thought?

That said, you *might* wish to try the following:

1) uninstall rockxp.exe completely (using a standalone uninstaller, such as Revo, if need be, to be sure all traces are removed)

2) reboot

3) download rockxp.exe and save (don't run the file yet)

4) TEMPORARILY disable the FW and AV in McAfee

5) install rockxp.exe

6) open the McAfee firewall & AV configuration panels and, if you don't see rockxp.exe as "allowed" or "trusted", manually add the main EXE files for the application (e.g. C:\Program Files\ROCKXP\rockxp.exe (that's just an example -- I don't know what the actual file paths will be)).

7) Re-enable the McAfee FW and AV.

8) Cross your fingers/toes and roll your eyes.

I recently followed this rather cumbersome procedure to install a standalone AV app on my PC, and I *did* have to do step #6.

OR You may be able to just go into the quarantine and select rockxp.exe and set it to "ignore"?

If you're not comfortable with any of this, then just wait for the gurus to weigh in.

(Have you searched the forums and FAQs for "false positives" or "adding programs to trusted list"?)

Hope this helps more than confuses,


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Re: Adding items to the trusted list

Thanks for the reply.

I do not use McAfee firewall, so that is always off.

rockxp.exe is a stand alone exe, so no installation is needed.

I have definitely been rolling my eyes.


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