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Activation of internet security

hi i have purchased a download of McAfee internet security, but i am unable to activate the program. when i click on the activation button absolutly nothing happens. i am profoundly deaf and so unable to use telephone to ask tech help, and i am also quite new to using computers in general. is there anyone there who may be able to help me, in not too technical wording if possible . Thank you.

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Re: Activation of internet security


Try this.....

1. goto the following site:

2. register (create a login)

3. put your product key which you received with the CD purchase.

4. Goto the 'MyAccount' page.

5. here you will see your registered product. Download the installer provided in the link there.

6. Save it to your desktop or wherever you prefer.

7. Uninstall the McAfee product existing on your PC which is causing the activation problem via Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program (Add or Remove Programs in XP).

8. Run MCPR tool from Useful Links at the top of this page to clean-up the registry.

9. reboot the PC.

10. start the installer which was downloaded earlier in step 5, 6.

11. this will further download the complete product installation (size depends upon your product)

12. Finish installation.

no need for further activation... you can check it.

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Re: Activation of internet security

It just dawned on me that you may not have purchased a CD.  You could in that case use online chat which doesn't involve voice at all.  See Technical Support in Useful Links at the top of this page.

They will help you.  It involves running a tool prior to connection but don't worry about that.

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