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Activation Problems...Activation can't continue

I have bought your product at Wal-Mart and have had problems adding it to my computer successfully. It will not activate my mt subscription. This is the message that pops up:
Activation can't continue.
We're sorry, but we're having trouble activation McAfee products. You can being using your products now, but you won't receive automatic product updates.
Don't worry, we'll ask you to continue activation your McAfee products once the problem is fixed. For more help with this problem, please contact McAfee Support.
So, that is what I am doing. I've been getting this since about October. Did I waste my money on your product or do I need to find a new service?
This is also the 5th place I have been told to get advice. McAfee has until Wednesday to come up with some answers before I find another product and make sure this problem is known!
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Re: Activation Problems...Activation can't continue

Some questions please....

1.  What is your operating system and service pack and is it up to date with both critical and non-critical updates?

2. What is your default browser and what version of Internet Explorer is installed (open > Help > About)?

3.  What version of McAfee protection is this...what does it say on the box?

By the way true support is available free by Chat through McAfee Support > Home & Home Office link at top of this page 24/7.

Once activated you will probably qualify for 30 days free telephone technical support too.


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