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Activation Code - TP 2010 CD - where to find it

My parents just bought the McAfee Total Protection 2010 CD at their local WalMart - they have installed the disk and done everything except when they get to the activation - it asks for a product key code - they cannot find it ANYWHERE in the box or on the CD sleeve or anything.  I am 2000 miles away from them, therefore cannot look myself - but they have told me they have looked through everything very thoroughly and nowhere can they find the product key code.  Anyone have any suggestions as to where exactly this code is?  I have contacted McAfee live chat several times and they were no help at all - they just told me to have them "look inside the box" - they couldnt tell me exactly where it is.

Also - could it be that this particular box could've been shipped without a product key code? or is that unheard of??

also - does anyone know - is their computer protected during this time that they have not been able to "activate" the product?

any help would be appreciated...

thanks in advance

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Re: Activation Code - TP 2010 CD - where to find it


Sorry for the delayed response, Just want to know if you still facing the issues with registration? Basically Activation Code for Total Protection 2010 would be in the rear side of CD box.


If you don’t have one then you have to get in touch with Wal-Mart Store to get it or you have to get in touch with McAfee Customer service.

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Re: Activation Code - TP 2010 CD - where to find it

No McAfee will not be able to update until unless you complete the activation and if it's not up to date it won't give a complete protection for the computer, so try to complete the activation process ASAP

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