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AT&t Security Suite

I have had a problem with ny at&t security suite I have been on the phone with Mcafee had to pay them at&t, and lastly Microsoft I was told that I need to uninstall and reinstall the Mcafee suite, I had no problem with my Dell computer because I was having the same problem and they fixed the problem, for some reason with the Hp that has the at&t security suite Mcafee has been very rude to me, At&t mcafee tech refused to and was rude and was told it was a microsoft problem, I called them they checked everything and again I was told to uninstall and reinstall the security system!!  I am sick of it I have been told something different by every tech I was told by the Mcafee tech, I don't know how to unistall the Mcafee security system and reinstall it again or I would do it myself.  I am so disgusted with Mcafee except for the tech who knew what he was doing who fixed my dell computer and listened to me.  Mcafee you should be ashamed of yourself and the rudeness that I recieved yesterday that I finally broke down!!!! I have a hp pavillion windows 7 not even a year old.

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Re: AT&t Security Suite


We are really sorry for the situation & please do apologies for the inconvenience. Kindly let us know what is the issue that you are facing with the Installed McAfee Product we would be glad to assist you.

Thank You, We appreciate your patience and co-operation

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