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A query about a Trusted Item that Mcafee detects as threat

Hi, I'm a newbie here. I have Mcafee AV PLus installed. In my Trusted Items list, I have a program named Adware-Bprotect. Mcafee has detected it as a threat. I had accidentally accepted it as a Trusted Item. Now when I click on Remove from Trusted List, Mcafee again detects it as threat and suggests me to remove the program. I click on Remove but then Mcafee says that I have to remove it myself by going to Uninstall Programs. But when I go to Uninstall Programs in my computer, I can't find this Adware-Bprotect program. So what should I do now? Should I let it remain as a Trusted Item? But what if it's a virus??

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Re: A query about a Trusted Item that Mcafee detects as threat

The only trusted option you get is with PUPS (Potentially Unwanted programs) so this is not a really bad file that is why Mcafee gives you the option to trust it. What is the program file name and where does Mcafee say it is installed? Maybe a pic of the details in the trusted list might assist.

Posible this might help you

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Re: A query about a Trusted Item that Mcafee detects as threat

See the VirusTotal report and the McAfee VirusInfo page for details about this.

AdWare-Bprotect is a fake performersoft installer. It drops a dll which works as BHO named "Browserprotect.dll"

Browserprotect.dll is BHO extension installed on Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet explorer, this application tends to provide your security and protect your browser from harms and damages but in reality, the Browserprotect.dll is a fake and corrupt program. Websites are automatically opened on the computer after a frequent interval.

AdWare-Bprotect also disables the following:

  • Folder options
  • Task manager
  • Registry editing tools
  • Active Desktop
  • SaveZoneInformation.

Do not confuse "Browserprotect.dll" with a legitimate Firefox add-on called "BrowserProtect". This one comes from a company called "PerformerSoft LLC" and may have been included with any one of a number of free downloads.

The add-on or extension will have been installed in each browser on your system and needs to be removed from each one separately.

Malwarebytes is said to remove this unwanted program. Running a McAfee scan should have repaired the registry settings that were changed.

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Re: A query about a Trusted Item that Mcafee detects as threat

Uninstall "Browser Manager", "Browser Protection" or any software with the name "Browser ***" from Control Panel, then go to the Program Data folder and delete the folder "Browser Protect" or shred it with McAfee, then restart and it is gone

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