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890416 - Free scan not applicable on Windows Server 2003


unfortunately free scan:

is not supported in any browser other than IE.

i use IE 8 in Windows Server 2003 environment. i followed the instructions:

but there's only one option, High. it's also set as the default.

i've to use Custom level. i did what i had to as described in the document above.

but it still can't succeed and i get the following error:

ActiveX must be enabled

what can i do?


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Re: 890416 - Free scan not applicable on Windows Server 2003

In the second link there you'll see that per the system requirements Windows Server isn't supported.

Freescan merely scans and does not remove any threats so why not use one that does?   Check out Eset or similar online scanners.

I'm afraid we don't know too much about Freescan except that it's merely a scanner but not a cleaner and is rather old.

**As you appear to be in Iran we cannot legally assist you I'm afraid.   Please see:

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