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3 user license user Internet Security 2010 HELP!!!

Purchased a 3 user of McAfee Internet Security 2010, installed it on all 3 computers in the house, but a couple of months later decided to update 1 of the computers to windows 7, when i reinstalled McAfee of my McAfee account it said that you are already protecting 3 users and cant add anymore, when in fact it should have removed the subscription of the computer so that i could re-install it. Anyone have ideas on what i could do to get the product code to activate it thanks.

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Re: 3 user license user Internet Security 2010 HELP!!!

Hi Thomo101,

When installing McAfee Consumer products to multiple computers, you will be unable to continue if you have already used the number of licenses our records show you have available. Since you have upgraded to a different  Operating system , contact McAfee Customer Service from here and they will be assisting you accordingly.

Dinesh K

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