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2014 Update

my current sub is about to expire and I will buy the CD locally..

now 1st time I got the CD it loaded no problem after trail on new comp ran out..

last year I just put in CD and had issues and had to contact mcaf remote..

now should I remove the 2013 before inserting 2014 CD....?

I know that the MPRT is for complete removal and I read I should NOT use this if just updating as it may remove factory installed stuff..

is this true.....?

also I saw 2 opinions on the add/remove...

some say using add/remove is ok...others say better to go in through "programs" and use uninstall tool on the mcafee scan....

thanks for any help.......

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Re: 2014 Update

I would say, yes, uninstall the old one first.   Using CD's is not quite like renewing a subscription online where, theoretically, it should simpoly continue "as is".

Use the Add/Remove option in Control Panel

Then use the MCPR cleanup, reboot and then do the installation.

Re: 2014 Update

I  read somewhere on mcafee google page that if you bought the comp with mcaf trail on comp that using the tool can remove a program part that isn't on new disc..

now that didn't make sense to me but just wanted to make sure that it won't cock up the install...too old for this crap..

thanks brit, again.

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Re: 2014 Update

Not sure about that but I do know the tool will not remove (for obvious reasons) Anti-Theft which is software unique to certain brands of laptop and relies on a certain motherboard chip to operate and it would ask for an Admin password if removing Parental Controls/Family Protection.

In the case of Anti-Theft Technical Support usually has to be involved.

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