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2 computers


I've a subscription on 1 desktop (from Dell) - Internet Security Center. Now I have bought a Samsung laptop, with a trial version of Internet Security Center which is finished now. Can I buy another license with the 'Dell' account to protect the laptop also? Or do I have to buy the full version again?


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Re: 2 computers

Do you know if the subscription for your Dell desktop has 1 license or does it have 3 licenses? If you have a 3 license subscription then you can log in to your online McAfee account and download and install the software on your Samsung. If you have only 1 license then you will have to purchase the full version.

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Re: 2 computers

Hi Hermana,

We can't check your account from here and I have no idea how Dell licenses work, only the Customer Service people can do that.   Contact them through this link, change your Country as applicable at top right if necessary:

I believe they are only open Monday to Friday. 

Have you gone to the download page of your account to check there?

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Re: 2 computers

Hi hermana,

Since you already have a dell – McAfee security center , you can opt to subscribe for an additional license from Dell that would help you cover the laptop even.


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