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Re: 想问问题?McAfee支付宝已付款之后怎么操作?

Sorry translation very hard to understand do you mean you were charged on your credit card but do not now use Mcafee?


Call Mcafee if I got the language and country correct

Telephone Customer Service

如須電話洽詢客戶服務代表,請致電 0800 666 105。我們可能會向您索取註冊登記的電子郵件地址與訂購號碼。撥打這個電話,可能要收電話費。
估計等候時間: 5 分鐘
服務時間: 每日服務, 9am to 9pm (Local Time)

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Re: 想问问题?McAfee支付宝已付款之后怎么操作?


I get the same problem and question, if you don't understand the above customer's question, let me tell you.

But first I have to say: You MCAFEE really have bad customer services, I have been using your products for years, but I am disappointed right now!!

The first customer's question is: He/She has spent money to countine using your products before it gets expired, but after you charged our money, no more action from you! What should we, your customers do? What should you do??

I have the same question for you: my MCAFEE scuritycenter is expiring, and I just spent money to continue using it. But my money is charged, my mcafee is still expiring! I didn't see any change just like I never paied the money!

So I am just wondering that what should I do to 'service' you who took my money...I just want to find a way to know how to fix the problem, but I found NOTHING on, even when I just found a phone number: 800 8109806 on

when I tried to call this number, I got the info: the number is not existing!

What a fucking day!

You really ruined your reputation! I just have worked on this problem for 2 days now!

BTW: our time zone is China, Beijing.

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Re: 想问问题?McAfee支付宝已付款之后怎么操作?

Really going to the customer support link in useful links tab above and hinese language should get you the correct chinese language page that shows how to link to customer service via chat or phone.

Oh I understand your issue now google translation did not fully impart what was said.

Was the phone number I posted the wrong language There seems to be 2 china numbers. this the problem with only english speaking boards.

I will ask my Mcafee contacts to pass this onto chinese speaking techs should be Monday contact time.

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