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Zero-touch Windows 10 upgrades fully supported in MDE 7.2.1....

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DE 7.2.1 incorporates enhancements to streamline in-place upgrade to Windows 10 Anniversary Edition and Windows 10 Creators Update.

DE 7.2.1 creates a setupconfig.ini file upon install and upgrade which contains the reflect drivers switch required during the Windows upgrade process.

This makes the whole Windows 10 in-place upgrade process much more streamlined, allowing upgrades directly from Microsoft update servers with zero touch for IT teams.

For details please refer to KB89000.

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Two different approaches:
1. Windows 10 1607 which DE
2. Upgrade DE to
3. Then Windows Upgrade to 1704 => error

1. wWndows 10 1607 with DE
2. Remove EN
3. Then Windows Upgrade to Windows 10 1704 => Works

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Trying to do an in-place upgrade of Windows 7 to W10 Enterprise 1703 (creator's update)

I used the command line switch as described in KB89000.

The machine is running DE and yet I get the error below. Am I missing something?

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Turns out we had a legacy Endpoint Encryption Manager application on the machine that seemed to be preventing the upgrade. All is well.