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Need summary of software licensing

Am evaluating all McAfee SW against all McAfee licenses. 

Q: Where can I find a table of McAfee products that shows me which ones require renewable licenses, which ones have perpetual licenses, renewable maintenance, which ones were free-downloadable, etc. 

And for those requiring renewable licenses I hope this table can show me the typical metric (by-the-user?, by-the-server?, per-unit? per-Appliance? seat? etc)



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Re: Need summary of software licensing

@maoconn1 I would like you to know that your grant number is associated with your licenses. It is not possible for you to get this data. However, you may visit page and punch in your grant number and an associated email ID. Which eventually allows you to check the products that you are entitled to download.

The products, hotfixes, documents which display would ideally be associated and entitled  products for your license. You may also get your product keys in the same page.

I hope this helps. You may ask me in case of any further questions or concerns, I am glad to help.