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McAfee will start but wont open

Hello, i recently made an attempt to start my McAfee application to see if one of the files from a game that it needed to run was put is quarantine for whatever reason, and it showed the McAfee logo on that sort of loading screen , and then it disappeared after about 15 seconds and McAfee failed to open. I made an attempt to troubleshoot it by downloading stinger and mvt, still to no avail. Is there anything I can do about this without starting over with a fresh copy of McAfee?

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Re: McAfee will start but wont open

My advice is to uninstall and reinstall your software as a lot of times something just might not have installed correctly during the installation. Another thought is you may have some type of spyware or malware that is causing the issue. I have seen may times in the past that a fresh installation resolves the issue with respect to not having any malware I have previously mentioned.


Tom K3TG

Re: McAfee will start but wont open

McAfee has been working correctly for a few months now, but ill let you know what happens as soon as my father returns home because he is military and is able to get McAfee for free for me.