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vATD VM Creation fails

Just wondering if anyone has had any success in creating a Windows 10 x64 image for ATD? I've followed the instructions and its constantly failing at the VM Profile creation.

Not sure if its me or if its a windows 10 thing.Log extract is below

2017-04-11-13:03:14: starting vmcreator -S -l

2017-04-11-13:03:15: lvclean was successful.

2017-04-11-13:03:15: Copying image base to work folder: win10p0x64.img

2017-04-11-13:03:42: Copied 13.67G in 27 seconds

2017-04-11-13:03:42:     518.59Mbytes/second

2017-04-11-13:03:42: Booting VM: win10p0x64_sn01

2017-04-11-13:03:42: Waiting for VM to come up: win10p0x64

2017-04-11-13:04:23: Starting image install.

2017-04-11-13:04:23: Loading software: win10p0x64

2017-04-11-13:04:24: Ftp login OK.

2017-04-11-13:04:24: Upload installation image OK.

2017-04-11-13:09:24: Error: Install failed for OS: win10p0x64, Tue Apr 11 13:09:24 2017

2017-04-11-13:09:25: vm install has failed: win10p0x64 will be deleted.

2017-04-11-13:09:56: Completed image prep...

2017-04-11-13:09:56: ----------------------------------------------------------------

2017-04-11-13:09:56: total number of VMs configured: 0

2017-04-11-13:09:56: ----------------------------------------------------------------

2017-04-11-13:09:56: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

2017-04-11-13:09:56: Updating VM database

2017-04-11-13:09:56: Vmcreator completed with some errors.

I'll try again with windows 7 and see if that makes any difference

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