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v8.8 - Could Mcafee behind random access denies ?


On my win 7 x64 machine i have running v8.8 Enterprise, patch 4. Scan engine 5600.1067.

*.log is in the exclusion list

  • I have a C# application that has code below (for completeness). Occasional in our vmware environment, this would fail. The code calling this function had a try / catch and the error is :

    2014-08-09 09:30:17.452 'Disk1WriteCheck' Write to
    had fatal error: Access to the path 'C:\Users\userme\AppData\Local\Temp\_temp_perftest_24748.log'
    is denied.

    Now this occurred occasionally and the guess was this was due to an underlying file access issue on the SAN (we have been getting some errors).

    Up and until now, had not seen this on my desktop PC, however i got one this morning, probably during the first real load on the machine from over night. Now i have to re-think...

    >> Is it possible Mcafee occasional gets in the way of file operations in a visible way to cause failures ? Even with *.log being an exclusion.

    I assume prior to you wanting to create a file you need access to the directory.

    In this case the file in the temp directory is deleted, but the code occasionally crashes trying to create a new file .
    I need to stress this code path runs 1000s of times, and it is the same filename being used, this is not some coding error or the file being used by another program.

    Note: The file would have existed at the File.Exists test.

       if (File.Exists(_tempFilePath))  // tempFilePath has already be set
    { // Don't let time below include delete time
    // tempFilePath example - C:\Users\userme\AppData\Local\Temp\_temp_perftest_24748.log
    ==>   using (StreamWriter writer = new StreamWriter(_tempFilePath, false)) { .....

    Thanks in advance

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