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problemes d'installation

je n'arrive pas à charger total protection .

Il semble que je nesoit pas le seul

et en plus le debut d'installation detruit Flash player

support non accessible ce jour

pas content de Mc Afee

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Re: problemes d'installation

Best that you contact the french support line they should be able to help you but only available Monday to Friday.

Is this total protection as you said or enterprise as you posted in the business forum?

Have you actually got it installed or did the install fail?

The install has never broken flash from my experience but support will know better.

nesoit  what is that a typo?

If you want to try the install again after fixing flash.

1. make sure you have no other Anti viruses installed or removed without using their own removal tool.

Remove mcafee via

reboot and run

reinstall from your account

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Level 10

Re: problemes d'installation

J'utilise Windows et un clavier Americain donc je vous prie d'excuser mes fautes de grammaire. :-)

Il serait utile de communiquer plus d'information concernant les problemes.

Par example:

  • Quel version de Windows?
  • Quel produit de McAfee? Parle t'on de ePO? Si oui, quel version?


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Level 9

Re: problemes d'installation

Je pense qu'il n y a pas de produit qu'on dois d'utilise le Flash Player en McAfee.

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Level 21

Re: problemes d'installation

foure - is this a buisiness system you are having problems with? If so your own IT team shoud be able to help you.

If it's a home system, let me know and I will move your question to the Home forum.

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Level 20

Re: problemes d'installation

Agreed missed that you mentioned Total protection that is a home product. Sorry about that

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