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Level 7

ePO 4.0 Server Crashed


I've got a ePO 4.0 Server which had crashed recently. Rebuilt the server, reinstalled my ePO and checked-in all the necessary packages.

The issue that I am having right now is that, not all agents are reporting back. I've like 600+ already reported back, but there are quite a fair bit that can't be seen via

the ePO server console although the clients are alive. How do i get these clients to report back without having to do a manual re-installation of the agent. Furthermore,

it will be quite a daunting task to try to trace back the agents that hasn't reported back. Any ideas? Appreciate it alot.

Thanks !!

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Level 8

Re: ePO 4.0 Server Crashed

Enable /Install Rogue System Detection on ePO Server and deploy the rogue sensors.

Through that data you will be able to trace back all your missing clients


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Level 9

Re: ePO 4.0 Server Crashed

I set mine back up to use LDAP and then just redeployed the new agent to all my clients... all 500 and some over a few days.

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