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What is ScanAlert And How Can I Stop It From Hitting My Website?

In my weblogs I notice that I get quite a bit (thousands) of hits from which clearly is a McAfee product since it redirects to the McAfee homepage.  It seems that the ScanAlert is doing some sort of port scan and security scan on my website.  I would like to know definitely what ScanAlert is and why it scans?  I'd also like to know how to stop it from accessing my website aside from bot blocking?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

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Re: What is ScanAlert And How Can I Stop It From Hitting My Website?

Well, basically it's probably only hitting your site hard like that because you paid for their service. I don't think they would waste their resources otherwise. We have a daily scan of our site at http://www.DasCheap,com nightly and sometimes they hit pretty hard.

I think you can throttle them somehow, but you would have to do it by IP. Though then again, it may not make their scan of your site effective.

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