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Webreporter question re downloads

Is there a way in webreporter to distinguish a user downloading a file versus IE downloading a file.  We are trying to find out if someone is downloading file directly but I can't distinguish between a user downloading and the normal IE downloading of files.

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Re: Webreporter question re downloads

If you are using Web Reporter version 5.1.0 or newer, you could see if the browser type or version is available (populated from the user-agent data) assuming that the data was provided in the access log.  However, this is far from perfect because the user-agent can be modified by a clever user.  For example, wget can be configured to pass Firefox as their user-agent, and Firefox can be configured to pass IE 6 as it's user agent, etc.  Unfortunately from a proxy/gateway level, they can log what the client passes for their user-agent string, but there is nothing they can do to validate this.

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