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Recommended EPO Dashboards XML files for Threat Prevention

Good day everyone,

It is a pleasure to join such a wonderful McAfee Community Forum. I would like to get options to load into our McAfee EPO 5.9 dashboards' environment. We are looking to upgrade our current Security Operation Center (SOC) here at South Texas College, and we need some suggestion on how to better utilize our EPO Dashboard for threat prevention.These are the following specs of our EPO 5.9 Environment:

  • McAfee EPO 5.9
  • McAfee EPO Client 5.0.5
  • McAfee Drive Encryption 7.2
  • McAfee Management of Native Encryption 4.1
  • ENS 10.5 Platform and Threat Prevention 10.5
  • McAfee Legacy VSE 8.8 Patch # 9

We are looking to get some dashboards, very visual, with pie charts and graphs, to have them continuously running on our SOC.

** Any third-party connectors for EPO for SOCs ?

I do thank you in advance for taking the time on reading this discussion.

Best regards,

Jose Francisco Peña

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