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PortalShield 2.0 doesn't show any "Recently Scanned Items"

We have both Portalshield 1.0 and 2.0 running on different servers. In 1.0 (on a SharePoint 2003 / SQL 2000 environment) I see a constantly updating list of "Recently Scanned Items", in 2.0 (on both SharePoint2003/SQL2000 and SharePoint2007/SQL2005) I see no list. I therefore must conclude it's not scanning anything at all, as the environments are heavily used. Does anyone have any idea where in the configuration have I made a mistake ? I did give the PortalShield user the appropriate permissions in SQL 2005. Content scanning is enabled.

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McAfee Employee

Re: PortalShield 2.0 doesn't show any "Recently Scanned Items"

Hi Iris,

      Please review KB58826 and check if the symptomps listed in Problem 3 and Problem 4 apply in your case. If yes, then follow the steps in the solution section to fix the issue.

If that does not cut the ice, please check if On-Access Scanner is enabled (a green check mark on the top right hand corner of the PortalShield console indicates that it is enabled).

Examining the windows application and system event logs would help identify the specific nature of the issue.

Hope that helps.



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