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NAS SYNOLOGY - Antivirus by McAfee


Ayant fait l'acquisition d'un NAS, SYNOLOGY propose au téléchargement pour un mois d'essai le logiciel Antivirus McAfee pour NAS.

J'aimerai l'inclure dans le pack Total protection auquel je suis abonné, mais cela ne semble pas être possible par la procédure classique.

le logiciel McAfee sur le NAS ne propose qu'un abonnement payant.

Est-il possible d'ajouter ce servcie via une connexion de compte ?



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Re: NAS SYNOLOGY - Antivirus by McAfee

my French isn't so good so i did a translation with google
NAS SYNOLOGY - Antivirus by McAfee


Having purchased a NAS, SYNOLOGY is offering McAfee Antivirus for NAS for one month of trial downloads.

I would like to include it in the Total Protection pack I subscribe to, but this does not seem to be possible by the standard procedure.

McAfee software on the NAS only offers a paid subscription.

Is it possible to add this service via an account login?
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Re: NAS SYNOLOGY - Antivirus by McAfee

Unlikely, what is offered with the Synology NAS appears to be a Consumer product, I'd wager you'll have to enquire with customer services if that can be accomplished/added/merged into your active subscription.

Google translated:

Peu probable, qui semble être un produit de consommation, je parie que vous devrez venir avec un service à la clientèle.


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