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McAfee Training

I am going to go on a bit of a rant about McAfee eLearning, then I would like anyone out there to give me their experience with McAfee's elearning or other training they have taken.  First I would like to say the opportunities that I have had for in person classroom training have been outstanding.  For the last two years at Focus and Mpower, I have been lucky enough to take a 2 day training class.  In both instances, I was very impressed with the Trainers and my fellow classmates.  The conversations were relevant to the topic and I learned a lot.  On the other hand we have a subscription to the McAfee eLearning portal.  I have found that the training provided on this portal is out of date, both in information and versions, is not updated regularly and the classes are basically someone reading a script.  I have been severely disappointed in this training.  I can't believe the company the size of McAfee does not have a better eLearning system in place, to me this would be another way to make money for the McAfee Company.  I would gladly pay a premium price if training was of value and updated on a regular basis.  I have contacted our sales team on several occasions and let them know how frustrated and disappointed that I am with this training.  So that is my rant about McAfee Training.

I would like to know if anyone else has the same experience or where they get their McAfee training from.  A lot of what I have learned was by trial and error, but I am really tired of being behind the curve on products and how they work.

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