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McAfee Deep Defender and VMWare Workstation 9

I've been working on testing the new McAfee Deep Defender on my networks. Unfortunately, most of my machines are virtualized. I have been able to install Deep Defender on VMWare Workstation 9 with virtualized VT-x turned on, but Windows will not properly boot after.

From what I've been reading, this has something to do with how VMWare utilizes the vt-x hooks. Has anyone gotten this to work? Is there anything in the works for making this product deployable on VMWare?

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Re: McAfee Deep Defender and VMWare Workstation 9

I've the same issue if deep defender is installed. If I deinstall deep defender vmware ws 9.x works fine again.

Otherwise I can't use x64 guest systems. I receive allways the error message "vt-x is not available"

I don't know if this error persist with vmware ws version 10.x. I will try this.

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