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“Fake Alert” Stinger McAfee Tool

HI All,

Is “Fake Alert” Stinger McAfee tool delete the all kind of Spyware?.....

If anybody try this tool, tell me where can i use this tool?

Thanks in advance

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Re: “Fake Alert” Stinger McAfee Tool

Hi Sundar,

As the name suggests, it is a special tool to delete ' Rogue Antivirus programs or Fake Alert Programs". It will NOT remove all types of spyware. Once you download the Stingeer tool, you can click on LIST VIRUSES to find out what all it detects.

Also, if you are looking for a software which removes all kinds of spyware, then you should have this :-

The Malwarebytes Antimalware is THE BEST tool in the market today.



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