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Failed to initialize common updater, etc

googled and tried some stuff before I posted here.

Working System: Vista 64 home premium
Non working system: Vista 64 Ultimate

Neither system has that manifest xml file that supposidly can fix the problem
I cannot download it nor any code updates from mcafee as I am just a user
and not "macafee admin contact". I am admin on both systems and have
disabled that "user account control" that vista supports.

Did an uninstall and reinstall of 8.5 then tried patch 4

Tried registering all dll's in the x86 program file directory.
for %m in (*.dll) do regsvr32 /s %m
the above seemed to work even though I do not have write access to the following
C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Common Framework
I removed the "/s" to verify that the dll's were indeed registered.
I do have write access to "McAfee" but not the subdirectory "Common Framework"
By "no write access" I mean I cannot put the batch file "fixreg.bat" in that directory. I can run the contents of the file by typing "for %m in (*.dll) do regsvr32 /s %m" but I cannot run that script from a batch file.

I got the following error messages associated with that "Failed to initialize common updater ..."

ffff?@? (failed to write it down but I remember the ffff) with 8.5 patch 1 then i uninstalled and then installed 8.5i but not the patch yet.

Got 8007076@2
after patch 4 went in I got 800706b5@3
I also ran that registration stuff a 2nd time after trying patch 4.

If someone can tell me what registery entries to save, I can export the registery entry from my Home Premium x64 system to the Business Ultimate x64 system.

If someone can email me that manifest xml file I would appreciate it. In the meantime I am downloading 5942xdat so i can get the latest and greatest.

thanks for looking

after I put in that 5942xdat file I got the error message 800700e@2
I can scan and do have the latest (Jun 10th) date and engine.
I had to run the sdat as "administrator" even tho UAC was disabled

---another update---
after rebooting I am back to error code fffff95b@2
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FrameworkManifest.xml was at "Program Data\McAfee", not at "Program Files .." my mistake

However, I want to thank whoever used their admin privilege to look up KB54520 and then left the answer in the google cache where I could find it.

I was able to do an update after porting over the good xml file and restarting the framework.
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