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Epo VSE and HIPS

My boss and I are trying to see if it's possible to export and import the database for alerts from VSE or HIPS from/to another EPO.

We are instructors within our institution and are trying to use real world VSE and HIPS alerts/notifications/hits for an auditing portion of a class.

We're not even sure if this is something that can be done, but any help would be appreciated.



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Level 12

Re: Epo VSE and HIPS

you could build another ePO server and rollup the data to that one. probably the best option. the ePO 4.5 product guide details how to accomplish this.

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Re: Epo VSE and HIPS

You can create a VM with a blank ePO server on it. Then restore the database from the production server. It won't service agents (the certificates won't be correct and the names are wrong)but you can show ePO data "live".