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DAM sensor Oracle issue

Hello Everyone:

I have an issue with DAM sensor and Oracle

The sensor's status is Connected but the DBMS's Status is disconnected.

The error is this

“Error 9 - DAL_ERROR reported by sensor:, DBMS: SEPM Error code: 853750737

Sensor message: Unable to connect to the database [SEPM] error :[ ORA-01031: insufficient privileges ]

But I don't know wich privileges!!!!

The DAM version is 4.4.9 Standalone

The Oracle server's Windows 2012 and Oracle version's

Does anyone knows what the privileges do I need?


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Re: DAM sensor Oracle issue


Do you use a Oracle password file?

Check the value or remote_login_passwordfile (Oracle parameter). Should be set to EXCLUSIVE/SHARED


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Re: DAM sensor Oracle issue

Hi, I got the same error message.

Since I found no place for credentials, I figured it uses OS authentication.

In my environment it was enough to set SQLNET.ORA:


This turns on OS authentication in Windows, you may need to configure other things as well, check here if that's not enough:

ORACLE-BASE - OS Authentication

For me that was enough. I just restarted listener and Sensor and it switched from DISCONNECTED to FULLY MONITORED.

Also, it may not be possible to turn OS authentication on always. It sometimes introduces other issues in Windows & Oracle environments - but one problem at a time...

Hope this helps,


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Re: DAM sensor Oracle issue


did you upgrade the sensor on the DB to the latest ?

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Re: DAM sensor Oracle issue

thank you everyone

The solution was : "Setup of alternate connection and restart sensor"


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