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Clarification of Licensing

Hi there,

I have a query regarding the licensing of the products EPO & VSE.

We have a site license for 250 nodes, but the site is now being physically split into several physical sites.

What i need to know is if the 'site' license that we already have actually applies to 1 physical site or does it apply to the 'site' of the EPO database?

I need to try and find out if the licensing that we currently have is now sufficient for our needs or if we need to upgrade to a different type of license due to the fact that we now wish to protect machines a different physical locations.

Many thanks


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Re: Clarification of Licensing

The best thing to do is contact your reseller or see if the contact details here will put you in contact with the appropriate people.

It may depend on exactly what type of site licence you have.

These forums are mainly for support rather than licensing queries.



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Re: Clarification of Licensing

Hi Dunky2k, as far as I know you can install as much ePO servers as you want with the same serial number but what will count will be each VSE installed node.

This means that you can install 2, 3, 4... epo servers but you can only deploy VSE up to 250 nodes

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