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why do i need the inventory in ePO? to pull or not to pull? MAC6.0.1


we use ePO4.6.3, MAC6.0.1 (5.1.2 before) and 300 WS with winXP mainly.

When we used MAC5.1.2, we pull inventories from all WS to ePO database. Therefore our database became large and slow (of course the database purge task is performed periodically). In attach you can see more the 1.5 million records in database.

There is a words in docs of new version MAC6.0.1:

Optionally, select the Pull Inventory option.

If you select this option, the software fetches the inventory details for the endpoints

(after the whitelist is created) and makes the details available on the McAfee ePO console

when the ASCI lapses. We recommend you select this option if you wish to manage the

inventory using the McAfee ePO console.

What does it means? Why do i need to manage the inventory? For what purpose?

In old version (MAC 5.1.2) we used inventory in ePO only to find binaries and make their as updater (or trusted binaries, for exsample). But this process is very inconvenient.

What else we can do with inventory (MAC 6.0.1) in ePO?

It is posible to disable pulling inventories to ePO database. Does the MAC6.0.1 will work correctly?

thnx a lot

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