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[ePO 5.3.2] Client Task "SC: Run Commands" cannot resolve %PROGRAMFILES%

Hello community,

I have an issue with the Client-Task "SC: Run Commands".

My Server:

Windows 2012 R2, ePO 5.3.2, Application Control Extension

My Client:

Windows 7 x64, Agent, Application Control

I want to solidify a directory after activation with a command in the task like this:

sadmin so "%PROGRAMFILES%\Program"

sadmin so "%ProgramW6432%\Program"

The Client Task is being executed without a problem, but the directory is not solidified.

If I run the same command from local CLI, it works without a problem.

However the directory is solidified, when I write the full path:

sadmin so "C:\Program Files\Program"

But this solution is NOT fail safe, because this path differs on systems, where OS language is not English or Windows is not installed into C drive.

So have someone been successful with Environment Variables in this type of Client Task?

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