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computers are sluggish when Application control is installed

Application control having problems

1. When application control is installed and I created a SC:Enable task with Observe mode check box is enabled. The computers runs sluggish. What I notice is that after solidifying the computers drive it will return to normal state. After it scans there are days that thec computer is running slow again. If I disable Application control it will run in a normal state.So Application control is making the computers run sluggish.

2. There are 2 computers that after enabling application control it doesn't boot normally like after 2 restart that is the time I can login to desktop. But it runs very very slow! and one thing I notice there is no applicaion control when I click the agent icon but in the control panel I can see that there is an application control installed. This happened on a Windows 7 starter and Windows 7 professional.

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