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application control 8.0

I am using application control 8.0 on windows 7 computer, but it seems to interfere with application that is in the whitelist. The application is running but at a much slower speed. Is there anything I can do to speed the application up like bypass change monitoring?

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Re: application control 8.0


There are some improvements included in HF2. For how to configure these, you can check releasenotes: McAfee Corporate KB - Application Control and Change Control 8.0.0 Hotfix 2 Release Notes PD27221

However appart from these improvements in general Appcontrol 8 is calculating md5, sha1 and sha256 hashes for every file which executes.

Tthis is "works as designed" but in turn results in Appcontrol 8 causing real visible performance impact on systems.

Re: application control 8.0

Thanks for the info.

Does it have to check every filse, is that possible that i can skip directory or files from being monitoring?

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