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app-control updater will not copy files from a write-protected folder

Hi all.

I’ve installed application control vs. SOLIDCOR610-9500_LNX on my CentOS release 6.4,

I’ve solidified several folders.

Than I created a read/write protected folder named "export.

Then I created a script "cat /export/shay/read-protect > /tmp/read-protech" named and verified that if I try to run it i get "Access Denied".

I marked the script as an updater and ran it and I but still got Access Denied.

Can any one help?

10xs allot

Best Regards

Ron Wintrob | R&D System Team Security Expert
Orbotech Ltd. | tel. +972-8-942-3080 | fax +972-8-942-3250 |

‘’"Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn’t have to do it himself."’’ — A.H. Weiler

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