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Windows 10 - Filter Driver causing Boot loop

We are testing new Win 10 mobile devices and while undergoing our typical baseline installs, the device will eventually crash and bootloop returning to the "advanced options" for troubleshooting, which resolves nothing and the device continues to fail. It also has difficulty booting to safe mode which is problematic in Windows 10 but even holding the shift key won't break the loop.

Likewise there is no logging of any event execution or file denies in the logs, so whatever is causing the issue is not being tracked in either the ePO logs nor Windows Event logs.

During troubleshooting one of our teams broke the loop and was able to continue with the baseline configurations by disabling the McAfee Filter Driver and it mysteriously started to work.

I know Win 10 can be problematic but it's the only option we have for these devices Any thoughts on why this might be occurring?

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Re: Windows 10 - Filter Driver causing Boot loop


which version of Windows 10 and Application Control are you using in detail?


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