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Trusted Publishers Vs Trusted Updaters

I am aware that Trusted Publishers allow software installations. I.e they allow Adobe to install anything by Adobe.

Do Trusted Updaters update *Software Versions* or do they simply update the file to reflect security patches? Or do they update software versions, i.e, from Adobe 7 to Adobe 8?



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Re: Trusted Publishers Vs Trusted Updaters

Moved provisionally to Application and Change Control (Solidcore) for better support.




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Re: Trusted Publishers Vs Trusted Updaters


application control does not rely on software versions like Adobe 7 or Adobe 8.

Regarding your szenario:

1) If an updater is defined, this updater is allowed to update your systems. This means, changing executable code on your system is allowed.

2) During an allowed modification process (e.g. installing an adobe product) by an updater any change is added to the application control whitelist. This guarantees the new installed/updated software is able to run.

Yes, application control always relys on executables and not on software versions.

Hope this helps.