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TortoiseSVN in ePO rule


does anyone have TortoiseSVN implemented in an ePO Rule? At the moment I have 20 PC's and we use Tortoise for archiving different DLL files. We have to update these files very often in different folders and paths on the pcs. With Tortoise I can do this automatically, but if Solidcore is activated I have to create a new whitelist. Trusted Share will be working if I copie the files manually to the local pc.Tortoise can't be run on a Trusted Share.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!


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Re: TortoiseSVN in ePO rule

No ideas?

In my case a lot of files (DLLs) are often being updated and the update rollout will be handled with TortoiseSVN locally. TortoiseSVN locally is a shell extension in Windows Explorer. So in this case Tortoise itself is not the program that should have updater rights. I have to give Windows Explorer updater rights, but this is not the prefered solution. Any ideas how I can handle my case?



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Re: TortoiseSVN in ePO rule


you really should not add explorer.exe as an updater.

Have you tried to run AC in observe mode and then look at the events when doing the changes? Not shure but could it be enough to allow TortoiseProc.exe as an updater?

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