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Thin Clients: What is Solidcore? Where is my Antivirus?

We use HP Thin Clients (WinCE) and Mcafee in our environment. I've recently found that the McAfee agent isn't supported on Thin Clients (as per

However, I've found something called McAfee Solidcore. Has anyone used product before? Is it a antivirus replacement for Thin Clients? or and EWF replacement? Any guidance would be much appreciated.

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Re: Thin Clients: What is Solidcore? Where is my Antivirus?

Solidcore isn't really an anti-virus replacement, though in some cases were systems undergo tight change control, I suppose you could use it like that.

Solidcore (McAfee Application and Change Control) is, at its core, a whitelisting product.  While your anti-virus has a list of known-programs that are bad and scans for those, Solidcore is the other side of that coin.  It allows only things that it knows are good (and are in your whitelist) to run. 

While I'm not familiar with HP Thin Client environments, perhaps you might ask about MOVE-AV, which I believe is McAfee's VDI/VMWare solution.

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