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Tasks set in EPO for Application Control

Dear all

A question about tasks set in EPO for Application Control.

Lets say i have SC: Enable Application Control, full feature, start Observe mode

If i then like to end observe mode -> will leave the task but just disable it and create a new under SC: Observe Mode, End observe mode and Enable ticked

Then if i look in the task folder on the client i will see SC: enable application control set to Enable=0 and SC: Observe mode set to Enable=1

But this will leave the machine in Observe mode

Not until i delete the SC: Enable Application control and then i will have McAfee Solidifier as Enabled

Is the above by default

Cant you have tasks sitting in the task folder that are set to Enable=0 (and they will not have any impact on the client machine)? will be igmored and system will look on tasks set to Enable=1


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Level 7

Re: Tasks set in EPO for Application Control

Hi folks

This is now working

I suppose it was simply a question of having the tasks in incorrect order

My task folder is happy and my application control is also happy even more happy i am

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