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Solidifier locked me out of my own PC and gave me a BSOD.

I think it should be known to the community that uses Solidcore/Solidifier that there is a PROPER order of operations to how commands should be run when you are trying to stop the program from working.

The WRONG combination of commands is this:
1) Run sadmin so

2) Run sadmin enable

3) Reboot

4) Run sadmin unso -v c:\ (unsolidifies the C volume)

As soon as you run the last command, you are completely locked out from running ANY exe on your entire machine, including McAfee Solidifier (ironic, huh?). Nothing will work properly, and as soon as you reboot (which you have to do manually because selecting Shut Down won't do anything), you will get a nice BSOD at the Windows boot logo that can only be removed if you reinstall the entire machine. Safe mode worked, but didn't provide for much help. I'll spare with with the long list of things I tried to avoid reinstalling from scratch.

The point is: if you wish to make the program stop working, you must run sadmin disable, then reboot the machine, and then you can run all external files again. If you wish to clear the list of what was solidified, again, you must run sadmin disable, reboot the machine, and THEN run sadmin unso -v c:\ or else you will lock yourself out like I did.

I'm not proposing this post as a question, but rather as a warning. But I would like to know from a McAfee representative why this can even happen? The application is great and would be better if it could give a warning for what will happen when you unsolidify a volume before you disable solidifer.

Thanks for reading, I'll be available for replies if there are any.

-Nate R

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Re: Solidifier locked me out of my own PC and gave me a BSOD.

I would just say it is great information to share.So helpful.

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