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Solidcore blocking RDP to servers in DMZ

We ran into a very unusual issue with our endpoints running MAC in a DMZ environment. We discoved that RDP (remote desktop) was being blocked for all endpoints running MAC. It did not matter the status of MAC (i.e. update, enabled, observe). The most bazaar thing about this situation is that whenever an endpoint is rebooted the issue goes away (temporarily). To date, we have not found a permanent solution, however, if we include a solidifier memory by-pass the issue is fixed, which tells us that MAC is at fault. Is this issue new? Anyone ran into this problem?

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Re: Solidcore blocking RDP to servers in DMZ

That's extremely unusual. I've worked a lot with solidcore. If you can find a machine in this state, I'd highly recommend running a MER and then calling support to open a case. Blocking RDP is extremely unusual without interference of policy changes. By default RDP is always going to be enabled.

One thought: Your RDP profiles might be loading scripts from your AD login process. Those scripts may not be from a trusted directory. That could be causing the failed logins.

Re: Solidcore blocking RDP to servers in DMZ

I hear what you are saying. It's one of the weirdest issues we have encountered today. Additionally, this issue in only on our Win2K3 servers in that environment. We have SR opened with McAfee Support. One thing that we are trying is disabling memory protection (which I am not totally convinced is a long term solution). We are currently monitoring the systems to see if that works.

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