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Solidcore and Terminal Services


I solidified the Windows 2003 server  (version 6.1, standalone installation on virtual machine) with ‘sadmin so’ command and enabled the solidcore with ‘sadmin enable’. After reboot I could not log on remotely to the server. It looks like the remote services were blocked. The first error after reboot I noticed at the server was following:

"The system process c:\WINNT\system32\services.exe terminated unexpectedly with status code 128. The system will now shut down and restart"

After restart I have following error message from services.exe:

"The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000022). Click on OK to terminate the application".

I cannot connect with  the server using terminal services. Before solidifying it was possible

Any hints? Any experience in this area? How to connect to the server via remote desktop?

Thanks for any support.


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Level 7

Re: Solidcore and Terminal Services

If you are still with same issue you may follow below link after disable Solidcore.

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Level 12

Re: Solidcore and Terminal Services


There maybe policy additions required around memory protection.

Can you file a support case? They will be able to help.


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Re: Solidcore and Terminal Services


has the Solidcore Agent ever configured using Observation mode? I would prefer this. This will generate observation events which can be used to set up a functioning policy.


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