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Level 7

Solidcore and Observations - quick approvals?

Hi all,

I've been running with Solidcore for some time now, but something that's always ruffled my feathers is a lack of ability within ePO to select a number of files and auto-approve them without needing to click down into each individual file and create a new rule for it. Is there any way to do this that I'm just not seeing? It can be very tedious and time-consuming to have to click into 150+ items over the course of a day and accept them, made moreso troubling when for whatever reason the new policy does not fix the Solidcore alert/block.

Sorry if this has been asked before, but if so let me know and I will find the appropriate thread. Thanks.

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Level 12

Re: Solidcore and Observations - quick approvals?

The short answer is that if you need this feature then you're probably doing something unintended. The idea of observations is to see if you missed an updater. If you have 150-ish items per day to approve then you missed one (or more) updaters and you should reconsider your policy.

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